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5th Generation Floridian

As a fifth-generation Floridian from Arcadia, I possess extensive knowledge of Florida real estate and a deep passion for its history. At the age of sixteen, my first venture into owning an orange grove ignited my enthusiasm for the real estate industry. Since then, I've engaged in a successful career purchasing, managing, and selling diverse properties such as acreage, agricultural lands, residential homes, and commercial spaces.

Growing up in a family-owned business, Bethel Farms, I honed my marketing and sales skills by handling products for major retailers across the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. My father instilled core values in me—to work diligently, strive for continuous improvement, and seek innovative approaches in all endeavors.

Implementing these principles daily, coupled with my enjoyment of networking and my extensive experience in business, sales, and marketing, have been pivotal to my accomplishments as a REALTOR®.

Walt Bethel

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